What we do

We work with writers and editors on a variety of projects. Whether you need interviews or other tapes transcribed quickly and accurately, a pile of resumes proofread, an article, essay, or full-length book edited (or to finally finish that book proposal!), Bastard Title has got you covered. With experienced editors who are writers themselves, we understand how sensitive it is to ask for help on a personal project, and just how important every detail is. We want good writing to exist, and we're here to do our part! But making you succeed makes us succeed, so you don't need to trust that we're just in this for the art. Shoot us a message to see if Bastard Title is right for your project. We'll give a sample of your project a complimentary review to let you know how we think we can help. Still not sure? See our testimonials at the bottom of this page. 

who we are

Rachel Jepsen got her Bachelors in English Language and Literature from Smith College and her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Montana, where she studied with great American writers like Joanna Klink, Debra Earling, and David Gates. She came up in the writing and publishing world, and has worked for Esquire, Atavist, and the renowned journal of international literature, Asymptote. While at Montana, Rachel taught two years of composition and privately tutored students in English. She has also taught music and is an active performer. In addition to her duties running Bastard Title, Rachel is working on a collection of poems joining the concepts of resource extraction and addiction. 


It's best to send us a description of your project and a short (1-5 page) sample to get a sense of cost. Generally speaking, we charge between 15 and 40 dollars an hour. Proofreading is far less expensive than copy-editing. The costs of copy-editing v. intensive editing are also vastly divergent. It can be very hard to figure out what exactly your project needs-- and that's why we're here. Our first step is always to help you figure out what exactly you need, and then we'll tell you what we can do. Click the CONTACT page above! 

If you are interested in our transcription services, we work at 20 dollars an hour. This is an expert transcription service that involves research where necessary (sometimes deciphering is contextual) and stays true to the voice of your subject. Every cough, audible twitch, and gulp of water are important in gaining understanding of a character. For an extra fee we'll even make a list of Freudian slips. 

I have learned so much from you!
— Charlotte Kasl, PhD. Author of 14 books including best-sellers If the Buddha Dated and Women, Sex, & Addiction. Bastard Title helped Charlotte with her memoir and book proposal.
Fast, accurate, grammatical, possessing a wide frame of reference— The best possible transcriber for all my varied purposes.
— Mark Warren, Esquire magazine executive editor. Bastard Title has transcribed many interviews for Mr. Warren.
Rachel and Bastard Title surpassed expectations. After decades in the field, shopping around for good interns to transcribe and copy-edit, I now use Bastard Title exclusively. Consistent, reliable, reasonable rates, and fun to work with. Highly recommended.
— John H. Richardson, journalist for Esquire, Playboy, GQ, and others. We transcribe interviews and help to copy-edit John's works-in-progress.