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roosevelt, utah; for thomas derrick; my affair

"Trouble that year, all over."

Sequestrum, Issue 15, Spring 2018

tattoos are about change

"Not to arrest, but to see in the way of remembrance: Change is real."

The Cut, April 2018

A woman, a man, and a van

"You look at the sky and decide what it will do. Then you decide what you will do."

ELLE magazine, December 2018

60 days

The Bennington Review, Issue 3: Threat

Bainville, montana

Arcturus, December 2016

Aubade: divorce

Storyscape 16, June 2016

In All honesty

appears in The Bennington Review

The trap of thirst is its mimicry. What I desire
when I desire smacks of excess, which when
in the mouth is the mouth.

Your house carves the highway from the dark, 
whispers out the dark of the highway, high brick
house, a bite of stars 

in the dark around it, the sky a thirst or a mouth or a lake
or a sky, any way into which some ponderosa
glance and beg. 

Fog over the yard pronged by the light
of a neighboring bar, tamarack seeds
blown low to the fences, 

flat exhausted blooms rigged to a grave. This house we say waits
because of the one who waits inside it, 
like I say love letters 

because I love your letters. So any way the name we call
we call hostage. There is so much
work we do to resist allotment. 

We fail contact so many times and the incremental, overnight work
of a joy related to fraud related to the feeding
of a thing like a dog. 

Behind the house the river winces when you enter, 
hollow like the abandoned wings                                  

of a hospital